Financial Certification

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In order for International Student Services to issue an I-20 or DS-2019 document , a student must provide financial certification showing sufficient finances to fund  the first nine months of study at the University.

If a parent or another person will be paying for the student’s education, the sponsor should complete the top part of the Financial Certification Form and have a bank representative complete the bottom portion of the form, or submit a recent bank statement.

If you are submitting a bank statement, it cannot be more than 6 months old.  International Student Services will not accept any bank statements or bank forms older than this.

The amount that a student needs to certify can be found below.

Tuition may vary depending on the academic program in which you are enrolled and the number of credit hours you take. Current tuition estimates (includes fees) for the 2014-2015 academic year (not including summer sessions) are as follows:


$30,270 (estimated 12-17 credit hours per semester)


$20,802 (estimated 9 credit hours per semester)

Graduate with assistantship

$10,492 (estimated 9 credit hours per semester)

Master's-level business, law, social work and pharmacy programs have different tuition and fee schedules. Some public health programs also have additional fees. For specific certification amounts, please contact
In addition to the tuition/fee amount indicated above, you must also financially certify 9 months of living expenses and additional fees. If uncertain about the total amount to be certified, please contact


Costs listed below are estimates for an academic year of 9 months.

Room and board (1)




Other expenses (2)




(1) Room rates may vary based upon living on-campus or off-campus and whether you live alone or share housing with other students. Food may be purchased at USC dining facilities or you may choose to prepare your own food if you have cooking facilities.
(2) Estimated expenses include mandatory student health insurance, routine medical costs, clothes, laundry, recreation, personal expenses, and local transportation.

For students accompanied by family members, costs to support these dependents for one year are $3,000 for the spouse and $4,000 for each child. If you are planning to bring family members, this amount should be added to the total living expenses estimated above.



International student enrollment fee

$750 (one time only)

Matriculation fee

$80 (one time only, for degree-seeking students)

Graduate student health fee

$169 per semester (for students enrolled in up to 11 credit hours)

Technology fee

$200 per semester

All costs are based upon current estimates and are subject to change.